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Monthly Prize Report
The Daydream Prize Report will be emailed to you each month and posted on unit Closed Facebook Group. It can ALWAYS be found at the top of the Promotion/Recognition page here on our unit site. You need to complete this report by the 3rd each month for the previous month to ensure you receive the recognition and prizes your deserve. If you are a New Consultant, please complete the Prize Claim Form for your New Consultant Challenges found at the bottom of the New Consultant Page.

How to Create Your Page
How to Manage Your Page
How to Market Your Page
FaceBook Timeline for Pages

Tax Information
Consultant Expense Tracking
Business Income Form
Tax Deductions Made Easy
Tax Preparation Worksheet
Tax Preparation Checklist
Detailed Tax Preparation Worksheet

Time Management
Income Producing Activities
Business In A Bag
KISS Office Organization
Time Management Tips
168 Hour Week

How to Do Online Wholesale Order

Dress for Success
Image at Company Events
Image Checklist
Telephone Etiquette

Product Presentation Expiration Code & Guidelines

How to Sign Up For ProPay

Look Book Labels
Publisher Version

Money Management
You Were Meant to be Debt Free
Working Your Business 60/40
What If I Can’t Afford Inventory?
Biz Builders Monthly Bonus Program

Other Information
Mary Kay Ash Training Notes

Court of Sales

Court of Sharing
Perfect/Power Start Tracking Sheet and Scripts

Click Here for Text Scripts

Layering Sheet

6 Most Important Things

Working Woman Weekly Plan Sheet
Weekly Plan Sheet
Take a Look at Where Your Time is Going
Tracking Leads
Grand Achiever Tracking Sheet

Weekly Accomplishment (2 per pg summary)
Weekly Accomplishment—WAS
One important form of communication each week is your Weekly Accomplishment Sheet. You submit
these online from InTouch. Your MK week starts on Sunday and runs through Saturday. This is how your
Director tracks your success in sales and give you guidance in areas that may be challenging for
you. This is also how you receive recognition for your sales. To access all the Weekly Accomplishements
information from InTouch main page:

  • Click on Business Tools
  • Click on Weekly Accomplishments

You will see links for entering your accomplishments, printing an accomplishments form and even an
online guide to help you enter them. If you enter your sales under your customer in myCustomers, these
sales will automatically show up on your weekly accomplishment sheet and all you have to do is click add!