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Interview Questions/Guides
Interview Guide
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Team Building Notebook
Print in color. Put pages in sheet protectors and place in a nice binder for a professional presentation!

Marketing Videos
Mary Kay offers a Marketing Video on InTouch. You can email it directly to your contacts. Go to: Business
Tools > Customer e-Cards. Click on Team Building Tab.
They can also watch a marketing video that Angie can email/text to you along with our online
questionnaire link.

Click Here to View You Tube Video:
After watching the video, they can complete a short questionnaire.

Click Here to Complete Short Questionnaire
This video can be emailed or sent by text to them. You can copy and save the links from this page or contact Angie and she can text/email them to you.

Spanish Marketing Call
By Future Executive Sr. Sales Director Omayra Padilla De Jesus
605-475-4099, access code 885876# Reference #21

D.I.S.C. Personalities
DISC Overview
Information Sheet
Interview Tools
DISC Chart

Four-Point Recruiting Plan
Developed by Mary Kay Ash herself, the four-point recruiting plan is a great tool to use.
1. Ask you hostess to suggest potential new team members.
2. Tell your heartfelt, enthusiastic I-Story
3. Offer your hostess a special gift for every person she suggests who becomes a new team member.
4. Share the Mary Kay opportunity with at least one guest as well as with your hostess at the end of
your appointment. Consider sending them home with a team building brochure or CD, then meeting
with them later if they want more information.

Leading with Integrity
Building respect and trust with integrity, as a leader and as a team, means knowing the facts, helping
clarify expectations about the business and getting the support needed. Far too many team members
may be lost due to unfilled expectations about their Mary Kay business, based on good intentions of the
team leader, but miscommunication in the team building discussion. A spirit of excitement should be
tempered with an environment of candid conversation about what to expect as she accepts the Mary Kay
opportunity as an Independent Beauty Consultant.