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396010_Pearls of Sharing Earrings
396010_Pearls of Sharing Bracelet
396010_Pearls of Sharing Necklace

It’s simple and fun, all you do is choose women in your life that you love. They will hear about our
marketing plan, they ask questions, and you hear your Director answer and you learn! Our founder, Mary Kay Ash, created the Pearls of Sharing program and it is a classic part of the Mary Kay heritage. In your first month of business you can earn the beautiful Pearl Earrings by sharing the opportunity with 3 people and the Pearl Bracelet by sharing with three more. Complete the set with the Pearl Necklace when you have one qualified team member join your team. Click here for your tracking sheet. Remember to complete prize form on unit home page upon completion!


You earned your Pearls of Sharing!

(must send copy of EACH tracking sheet to Director and complete prize form for EACH to claim your prize)