Step 7 NC

Your kit should have arrived by now!
Click here for your tracking sheet and scripts to help you get started.
Click here for Text Scripts
Beginning with your first class or facial, when you…
Complete 15 facials in two-weeks = Perfect Start Charm
Complete 30 facials in 30 days = Power Start Charm
Complete 30 facials AND 6 sharing appointments in one-month = Power Start Plus Charm
(you must return completed tracking sheet for each to your Director)
30 Faces are in Addition to Previous 30 Faces in 30 Days


Facial = product put on face
Sharing Appointment = share marketing video or marketing call and Director do follow-up call with you and interviewee.
Or do a 3-way interview with Director. Director must receive a “yes” or “no” for each interview.
Remember to complete prize form on unit home page upon completion!



You earned a MK Charm!

(must send copy of tracking sheet for EACH to Director and complete prize form for EACH to claim your prize)