Step 4 NC

This isn’t a business checking but a FREE personal checking account that is separate from your personal account. This will make tax time so much easier. BE SURE TO GET A DEBIT CARD TO GO WITH THE ACCOUNT. This account will be used for all income and expenses dealing with your business. You can even order MK Checks so each time you write a check, you will shine light on your business. Place your cursor over “Ordering”, click on “MKConnections”, then click on “Learn More” under Business Marketing. Text/email an image of your deposit slip to your
Director to earn your MK Checkbook Cover!


Log on to with your Consultant number and create a password. Start working on your “Getting Started” checklist.
Complete your Signature Look! Set up your Mary Kay Personal Web Site for only $30.00 (that pays for your entire 1st year), a $60 value! Order your Business Essentials Kit from MKConnections (be sure to include your web site address on your cards), a $73 value for only $39.99. Set up your ProPay Account so you are able to process debit/credit cards. Place cursor over “Ordering”, click on “ProPay”, (you must have ProPay to accept debit/credit cards on your personal web site), it’s only $39.95 a year.



You earned your MK Checkbook Cover!
(must submit copy of deposit slip to Angie & complete prize form to claim prize)