Step 11 NC

Your Director’s priorities are (1) her personal business, (2) new consultants and (3) unit members who have big goals. Communicating with your Director, especially in your first 6 weeks, is essential. She takes her roll as a mentor and motivator very seriously and works closely with
consultants who are “in her face”. Make sure you are connected with her by…. (all your Director’s contact information is on your unit home page)


  • Email (make it a habit to check your email daily—also check your spam/junk folder incase any emails end up there)
  • Text
  •  Calls
  • Our Unit Facebook Group (make it a habit to check it daily for the latest and hottest training, news and recognition)
  • Voxer—Download this free app on your smart phone. (Vox your Director when you’ve done this so you will show up on her phone)


Once you have joined the Facebook Group Unit Page, downloaded Voxer and sent your Director a message, and text or Vox her once a week for Six Weeks, you will earn a special charm for your charm bracelet!

Remember to complete prize form on unit home page upon completion! Please indicate how you kept in contact with your Director!