Be A Star

Be a Star Consultant!
Need to push for some extra sales to finish your STAR or do you

want to move up a STAR LEVEL? Try the ideas below!

MK Seminar Year – Quarterly Dates
1st Quarter: June 16 to September 15
2nd Quarter: September 16 to December 15
3rd Quarter: December 16 to March 15
4th Quarter: March 16 to June 15

When you reach Star Consultant status each quarter, you are building a business foundation based on
selling products to a growing customer base. And that translates to more income for you!

You can earn additional team-building credits when you share the MK opportunity and achieve $1,800
minimum section 1 orders within the quarter. Each qualified new personal team member you add equals
600 contest credits.

For contest details/view quarterly prizes/check your total, log onto InTouch, go to Contests/Recognition >
Contests then click on current Star Consultant Contest Quarter. Choose option on left.

For each $450 retail you sell, place a $225 wholesale order and track your progress to reach your goal!

Sapphire 1800 – Sell $300 retail per wk
Ruby 2400 – Sell $400 retail per wk
Diamond 3000 – Sell $500 retail per wk
Emerald 3600 – Sell $600 retail per wk
Pearl 4800 – Sell $800 retail per wk

6 Day Star Plan
(Script, Outline, Plan, Tracking Sheet)

24 x 24 x 24 Challenge

Sell $24 to 24 people in the next 24 hours! That’s almost $600 in sales in one day!

Star Certificate

Star Certificate $125 for $100

Sell to Star Certificate Script
Sell $50 and a $10 gift certificate to 24 people! That’s $1,200 in sales!

Fun Packet

Outside Order Form
Fun Packets work great! Give to those who are in a workplace with lots of women or to someone with a
large group of friends! I give 20% of the sales. She collects the money in advance and I deliver the
products to my NEW CUSTOMERS. You will need: large manila envelope, tape the attached Fun Packet
form to outside of envelope. Place a current Look Book, outside order forms or sales tickets inside the
envelope. Get this into her hands ASAP! Star order needs to be placed by midnight on Sunday!

10 Ways to Earn Your Star This Week

How to be a Star

Why Be a Star?


THE PRIZES! You get to select a fabulous prize from the quarterly contest brochure. You will also
receive another amazing prize at Seminar for being an All-Star! As a star, you will receive your Star
Ladder of Success Pin & gemstone the first time you are a star and then gemstones to add for each
following quarter you are a star!

STARS EARN CARS! When you are selling enough product to be a consistent Star Consultant each
quarter, you are meeting enough women to build an awesome team! And the speed of the leader is the
speed of the gang….so your team members will do what you do. And with all those stars, it won’t take
long for you to be arriving in style in a MK Car!

RECOGNITION! You will be recognized in our newsletter, on our unit group on FB, at our meetings, and
then there is always our local Star event! Then for being an All-Star – not only will you get another
amazing prize at Seminar but you will receive an invitation to the All-Star Luncheon! Mary Kay was
always so proud of her Stars! Stars receive special recognition at all company events!
(New consultants after July 1, can qualify to be an All-Star if they a Star Consultant in the quarter they
sign their agreement and every following quarter.)

REFERRALS! Stars are in the top tier of search results on the company’s consultant locator!

DIQ! In order to go into DIQ you must be a Star Consultant for that quarter FIRST!

YOU ARE A STORE! You have product ON HAND to meet the level of customer service your clients
DESERVE! You have the Newest On-Trend products that are out for the season that your customers
want. You have products on hand for your Gift Service! Here’s an example of the VALUE of having and
rotating your products:

What if your customer calls you today and says she is leaving town TOMORROW and needed
her Miracle Set, Foundation, Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover and Mascara ($140 reorder)
because she is almost out and, of course, needs it right now! Now, what would she do if you
didn’t have in on your shelf for her? Having inventory is a BLESSING for your customers and if
you want to be TOP OF MIND for their NEEDS and if you want customers to keep coming back,
year after year!!!


Check out the Amazing Prize you can earn for being a Four-Quarter Star
Consultant. Log onto InTouch > Contests/Promotions > Contests. Click on a Star
Consultant Quarter then on left click on Star Consultant Consistency