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Wanted: Enterprising woman to achieve unlimited earning potential while enriching the lives of others. Work duties include meeting new friends, interacting with prospective clients, as well as supporting the community of women. Candidate will have the opportunity to make own hours, and will be recognized for their achievements with prizes and vacations. Does this position sound appealing? Then you might have just what it takes to be one of 1 million women & men already living the life as an Independent Beauty Consultant. You’ll have the freedom to make your own work hours and set time aside for your family. And, with distribution to more than 36 countries, you’ll be able to work virtually anywhere in the world! No experience is required and you can work part-time or full-time from your own home. You will have great benefits of owning your own business.

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Consider the Possibilities…


Mary Kay Ash
When she created this company, she had a different philosophy than you see today in the corporate world


Are you familiar with: burning the candle at both ends, working more than your standard 40 hours a week, having no personal life, and feeling like you have a hole in your soul?


In Mary Kay, we: build you up, feed your self-esteem, give you tons of recognition, and allow you to be the best you possible!

#1 – We Look For Busy Women

“Busy people get more done!” The first quality that I look for is a busy person, because busy people are good time managers and they know how to prioritize and juggle lots of tasks and still maintain abalance. You may or may not have ten hours a week, but you may have 15 minutes three times a day. In Mary Kay, you don’t have to devote huge blocks of time; you can work it in around your other priorities in life. We call it “balanced commitment.”


#2 – We Look For Women Who Don’t Know Alot of Other Women

The second quality we look for is someone who doesn’t think she knows a lot of people.  Family and friends are a great place to start. I recommend you quickly move on to what we call real customers;and, if you’re willing to expand your comfort zone just a little bit, I’ll show you how.


#3 – We Look For Women That Aren’t the Sales Type

The next quality that I think is important is someone who is not the sales type.  Pushy people don’t do well in Mary Kay.  In Mary Kay we want you to have a strong reorder business and build relationships.We teach skin care and show our customers how to use our products and then let them make aneducated decision.


#4 – We Look For Women Who Have More Month Than Money

The next thing I look for is someone who has more month than money. I want someone who has financial goals. Could you get excited about: reducing debt, saving for the future, contributing to your family’s extras, and having control over your income?


#5 – We Look For a Woman Who is Family Oriented

I also look for someone who is family oriented … because you’ll do a lot more for your family than for yourself. Most of us want more for our families; but there are two types of people … those who use their families as excuses and those who use them as reasons to accomplish more. I’m sure you want wonderful things for your family; and I believe that you understand the concept of short-term commitment for long-term rewards. I want a person who wants more for her family and will use Mary Kay to help achieve that.


#6 – We Look for Decision Makers!

Last but not least, I look for a decision maker … one who does not procrastinate.  Some feel they need to think about it, and a year later they are in the same situation.  You’re probably considering the Mary Kay opportunity at one of three times in your life: You will either be in the middle of a crisis. Or you will be finishing your current crisis. Or you will be about to start a new one! For women, the crisis atmosphere just never really goes away; and it rarely seems like an ideal time to add something more.  Our lives are always happening around us, and we can’t put important things on hold until things are smooth.  So waiting a couple of weeks or a month or a year just doesn’t make a difference,does it?


6 Reasons Women Join Mary Kay!

#1 – MONEY

Avenues of Income:

Skin Care Classes & Facials
Internet Orders
Team Building

At 50% profit, Mary Kay has the highest direct sales commission in the United States.


#2 – Recognition and Prizes

Some of the prizes you can win quarterly in Mary Kay include furniture for your house, appliances, jewelry, purses, cameras & more. Yearly prizes include diamonds and trips around the world!


#3 – Self-Confidence and Personal Growth

Isn’t it nice to know that the company provides you with all the tools and training necessary to become a success? Where else can you earn while you learn? Make money, get recognized and build your self-confidence all at the same time?


#4 – CARS

Could you get excited about driving a free car or cash compensation up to $375 per month and having your license tags and the majority of your insurance paid for by the company? Mary Kay awards career cars for outstanding sales and recruiting, and has over 10,000 career cars on the road today. They have awarded more than 80,000 career cars since the program’s inception.


#5 – Advantages

As a self-employed, independent contractor, there are tremendous tax benefits in your Mary Kay career.

free training,
no quotas,
no territories,
prizes and recognition,
personal growth,
Mary Kay family,
advancement potential unlimited!


#6 – Be Your Own BOSS

 Mary Kay is activity based. You control what you earn and when to be promoted. Couldn’t you enjoy the flexibility of being your own boss? Setting your own hours? Vacationing on your own timetable?

One Last Thing…

If you picked up the newspaper tomorrow and saw an ad like this one:



Nordstrom’s $100 One-time Fee

Pay a one-time-only fee of $100 and you will receive a professional skin care and color cosmetics kit including full-size retail product worth over $264 plus samples, plus wholesale privileges for all your cosmetic needs …

or, you may decide to choose our part-time
or full-time career path for yourself.




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